Clipped the Wings

Today I was reminded of an old Dixie Chicks song I used to blast over the speakers when my 2 daughters were little. Most of their songs made me want to dance, but this particular one, always hit me in the heart. The song was Top of the World and the line that doubled me over was, "Think I broke the wings off that little songbird, she's never going to fly to the top of the world." Each time this phrase was sung, I remember aching as if I was the bird. Whether I was caged like a domesticated parakeet, or my wings were broken, I was that bird Natalie Maines was singing about, and I was never going to fly. Or so I believed.

I'm realizing that birds have always been a source of imagery in my life. I've described in a previous post how God comforted me with sweet words through cardinals. The mere site of one of these red winged creatures slowed me down and gave me such peace. Later, as the years past, I began to recognize their peeps and would actually go looking for the source. When this occurred, I again felt God's presence, recognizing that I didn't have to see the little beauties to actually receive His call. I could now just hear their little "voices" and, hence hear His!

So how interesting it is to realize that I first felt like a songbird whose wings had been clipped but years later God would speak to me through a cardinal. Each involved a bird!

I knew the day I spotted that first cardinal that God was near. But I had no idea just how meaningful His choice of creature had been. Looking back, I see how He was redeeming my pain through that sweet melodic cardinal. And now, 15 years later, he has brought me full circle. I have been set free! My wings have been restored. I am flying. May God be praised!

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