It's the Voice of God

Today I heard a bird singing just outside my kitchen window. This was a familiar sound and as always, I moved towards the beautiful chirp. The only difference between today and every other day, was I could not locate the winged animal. I was certain that it was one of God's cardinals, sent to me again. I looked and looked, but just could not find him. Then, I heard, "You may not see Me, but you can always hear Me." I kept looking and finally saw the tail end of a beautiful mama cardinal as she hopped past the corner of our house. Then the scripture came to mind, "Seek and you shall find Me." (Jeremiah 29:13 & Matthew 7:7)

What was my Father saying to me again today, through a cardinal? I knew He had a message for me: a new message. But was it as simple as "You may not see Me, but you can always hear Me?" Is He saying this because I have been so busy lately and have missed His voice due to my lack of "quiet time?" You see, I got used to hearing my Father's voice during that 6 months following my separation. He told me then, to wipe my calendar clean and spend my days alone with him. That's exactly what I did. I studied His word, I sat in silence, I cried unendingly, and all the while He let me know He was right there with me. It was a precious time. It was a grueling time. And yet "the peace that passes all understanding" was there with me. I heard His voice and I felt His presence. But lately I have not. I have not had that kind of time with the Lord in a long while. In fact, even in my quiet time now, I find myself looking for a quick fix. But God, my Father, is not a quick fix. He's the God of the universe. He's the one who covered me with His wings and settled my anxious spirit. He's my provider and my constant. He was with me then, and He remains with me now. I'm just searching for that precious closeness that I had with him during my agony.

Only a few minutes after hearing this beautiful cardinal, I was scrolling through my emails when I came upon an alert that a good friend had posted something. I'm not a big Facebooker, but because this friend always has something inspiring to say, I clicked on the link. Well here was God's answer: In my friend's post was a song called Voice of God by Dante Bowe. This was confirmation to me, that God did indeed want to give me an additional message today.

In the song, the beautifully raspy voice of this artist, shares that God speaks to us through the simple things in life. And as the lyricist says, we can hear His voice through the sound of a newborn baby crying; His voice is like a summer time sprinkler; and "I can hear it on the wind of an early morning, when the fog is getting deep and the birds are chirping." (Yep, it really says that...the birds chirping!)

Will I stop having my quiet time with the Lord and only concentrate on His voice through the common happenings of my day? No! Will I be frustrated when I'm searching for an answer and I still can't hear His reply? Probably! But God's message to me today, has helped me see, that although He may not tell me what to do (my expectation), His voice is ever present. And if I just listen, I will hear Him through the simplest of things. As the musician so eloquently sings, "And I can hear it in the hush of a midnight hour. When I'm alone in my room, if I'm going under. Oh, I just can't explain, no, but it brings me back to life...oh it's a beautiful thing, yeah, 'Cause it leads me to the light...It's the voice of God. It can make a grown man cry."

Dante Bowe's Voice of God YouTube:

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